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We're reading the Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels by Robert Jordan!

We read about 5 chapters every episode, and we recap the events of the story, so you don't have to read along unless you want to.

Join us!

Apr 26, 2019

Rand hasn't been resting. In between taking on 5 swordsmen at once for practice (and winning!) and taking on the mad ghost in his head (and not really winning) he's been teaming up with our new favorite character Davram Bashere to take the fight to Sammael in Illian.

Your hosts are Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake),...

Apr 19, 2019

The lengthy prologue of Lord of Chaos follows various evil-doers (and a few good-doers) as they plot their next move now that Rand has set the world spinning in a new direction. Everybody's got a plan until they get balefired in the face.

Your hosts are Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake), Micah Sparkman, and Alice Sullivan (