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We're reading the Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels by Robert Jordan!

We read about 5 chapters every episode, and we recap the events of the story, so you don't have to read along unless you want to.

Join us!

Aug 18, 2017

We discuss the epic story telling and tense action as the party is pulled away from their home and thrust into a much wider and more dangerous world. Also, we have a lot of trouble pronouncing Nynaeve.

Your hosts are Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake), Micah Sparkman, and Alice Sullivan.

Music: Treasures of Ancient Dungeon by

Aug 11, 2017

Blood and ashes! We begin our odyssey with the first book of the series: The Eye of the World. We'll get our first taste of the sharp characterization and epic scale that makes these books so much fun to read.

We'll also dig in to the question that drives this whole series: is Bran al'Vere a cannibal?

Note to the wary:...