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We're reading the Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels by Robert Jordan!

We read about 5 chapters every episode, and we recap the events of the story, so you don't have to read along unless you want to.

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Aug 12, 2022

The Last Battle has begun. Mat is in command, to the perplexity of everybody who knows him. Rand has engaged with the Dark One directly. The forces of Light (Lightspawn?) have finally committed themselves, and all hangs by a thread.

Your hosts are Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake), Micah Sparkman, and Alice Sullivan.

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Aug 5, 2022

Things on the battlefield don't get worse. In fact they get slightly better, as Hessalam's devious manipulation is revealed by Perrin (of all people). But after all this worse-getting, it's pretty dire. It's time for Mat to round up the troops for one last stand. 

Your hosts are Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake), Micah Sparkman,...

Jul 29, 2022

You're not going to believe this: the war is going even worse than before. The political leaders finally realize the dark source of their generals' troubles. Egwene meets Fortuona. Mat prevents them from strangling each other, which may be his most impressive victory yet.

Your hosts are Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake), Micah...

Jul 22, 2022

We thought the war was going bad before, but now it's really going downhill. Rand heads to his fate in the Pit of Doom. Mat and the Seanchan mobilize to join the fight. Perrin has a whole bunch of awesome adventures that nobody else can see but are very important.

Your hosts are Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake), Micah...

Jul 15, 2022

Things are going from worse to worser on the battlefield. Egwene learns that the Sharan ambush was led by the previously missing Demandred. Perrin gets sidetracked from his hunt for one dream-villain when he discovers another one.

Your hosts are Jeff Lake (@jeff_lake), Micah Sparkman, and Alice Sullivan.

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